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Our Services

Electrical Services

Our electrical contractors can install, repair, and renew electrical outlets, switches, and fixtures in a variety of contexts. Whether it is just a few simple tasks in a residential property or a large batch job for commercial purposes, we can update electrical systems to keep everything looking great and running smoothly.

Running electrical for new feature installs like water heaters, ventilation fans, solar energy systems, and entertainment systems is also part of our repertoire. In addition to wiring jobs, we also offer installation of electrical appliances such as motorized kitchen equipment, garage doors, and more!

Electrical Contractor Services

Exceeding expectations is our primary goal, and it’s our hope that in doing so, our clients will come back to us time and again for all of their electrical service needs. Every project has its unique challenges, but with our experience and expertise, we’re able to create a custom solution — all while giving you the best value for your construction budget. Explore our services to see how Mike’s Electric can serve your industry or business.

Electric Generators Installation

Mike’s Electric provides electrical generators for commercial and residential services, we have 30 years of experiences working in generators area and we work hard for offer the best services possible, with us you don’t need to worry for anything, when our customers hire our services, they know that they will receive the best services in all the electrical generator industry, we are here for help you in all the things that you need.

Call us now and get a free estimate about all the services that we have we are Mike’s Electric where you find high quality and cost-effective Electrical services.

Electrical Panel Installation & Repair

When you replace your electrical panel, you should also consider upgrading the service. Upgrading your service from 100 amps to 200 amps will give you more power for future items, such as electric ranges, hot tubs, central air, electric water heaters, and other additions to your home. Upgrading your service typically involves replacing the meter socket and installing larger wire and conduit.

Doing this not only adds more conveniences, but it also adds value to your home and can even lower your homeowner’s insurance premiums. Get in touch with experts and we will help you right away.

Emergency Electrician Services

If you find yourself looking for a local emergency electrician, you’re probably having a rough day. Maybe you noticed soot on one of your electrical outlets. Perhaps one spit out sparks when you tried to plug something in. Or did you lose power in part of your house, and resetting your circuit breakers didn’t help? Many problems with wiring or appliances can lead to electrical emergencies.

No matter the particular problem, recognizing that you need prompt assistance is an excellent start. Mike’s Electric has emergency electricians ready to respond to urgent electrical problems day and night. Call 562-726-5490 to connect with your emergency electrician.